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IceToolz Chain Scrubber with 20 brushes, #C115

Article number 240C115
EAN-number 4718152121158
Consumer price
In stock
Dim. & weights

IceToolz chain cleaner with 20 brushes

With this product, IceToolz supplies a chain cleaner with no less than 28 brushes that clean the chain 100% on all sides. This patented chain cleaner is a huge improvement over the existing chain cleaners. The IceToolz item number of this chain cleaner is C115.

IceToolz chain cleaner: chain cleaner 2.0

IceToolz is a brand that focuses on both the professional and the (better) do-it-yourselfer in the bicycle industry. But the ordinary cyclist also comes into the picture with handy maintenance products and easy-to-use items. IceToolz is a brand where you can find those things that make your hobby as a cyclist or mechanic or as a bicycle craftsman easier.

Chain maintenance is important for a smooth working shift system. IceToolz offers a range of maintenance products. This patented chain cleaner is one of them. In general, it looks the same as all other chain cleaners, but this chain cleaner is unique because of the intensive way in which the chain is cleaned. The working method is fairly similar to the other chain cleaners: Fill the chain cleaner with the environmentally friendly, water-based degreaser from IceToolz (IceToolz item number C133-120ml or C134-400ml) up to the first line on the chain cleaner, then top up with water until the second line on the chain cleaner. Then the chain cleaner with the rubber band is placed around the rear fork and the chain can rotate. Run the entire length of the chain through the chain cleaner at least twice.
Then empty the chain cleaner and fill it with water and run the chain through the chain cleaner again at least twice. Then dry the chain with a cloth.

Chain maintenance with IceToolz chain cleaner

After cleaning with the IceToolz chain cleaner, it is necessary to lubricate the chain properly. The IceToolz teflon oil (IceToolz article number C162) is eminently suitable for this. It is also important to clean the rest of the gears thoroughly, especially to make them free of sand and mud. Practical aids in this respect are the IceToolz brush set (IceToolz item number C164) or the two-sided brush (IceToolz item number C121)
Take the time and effort to get this right. Proper maintenance and lubrication of the chain saves on the purchase of chain and cassette.
There is also an IceToolz chain cleaner together with IceToolz teflon oil (120ml) available in one set (IceToolz item number C212)

Watch this video for proper use of this chain cleaner.
Watch this video for the correct use of this Teflon PTFE chain lubricant.

IceToolz: the choice of professionals and do-it-yourselfers!

Main material
Equipped with rubber strap for mounting on the chainstay
Including 1 spare sponge
SDS available
Unit height
50 mm
Article number 240C115
EAN-number 4718152121158
Outer carton height
680 mm
Outer carton weight
10.494 kg
Number in inner box
Number in outer box
Unit weight
0.063 kg
Unit weight including package
0.084 kg
Inner carton length
275 mm
Inner carton width
150 mm
Inner carton height
128 mm
Inner carton weight
0.95 kg
Outer carton length
320 mm
Outer carton width
300 mm
Carton box
Unit length
53 mm
Unit width
127 mm
Unit length including package
55 mm
Unit width including package
110 mm
Unit height including package
83 mm