In folding bikes, bycicle spare parts and –accessories



In folding bikes, bike spareparts and –accessories

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Since 1879 supreme supplier to the bicycle(parts) traders in Europe

European Distribution Center IceToolz Bicycle Tools

March 2018

Buzaglo has been representing Icetoolz in the Benelux for more than 25 years, making it one of the oldest and largest distributors of Icetoolz in Europe. The products of Icetoolz are made in Taiwan, this results in the fact that the delivery and availability of the products aren’t always optimal. From March 2018 Buzaglo, in collaboration with Icetoolz, will start an European Distribution Center. The program and the stock will be significantly increased in Almere, which will improve the availability of the complete program throughout Europe. A beautiful collaboration as an important tool for the success of a beautiful brand.

European Service Center Tektro Parts 

April 2015

Besides a number of beautiful brands from Japan, Buzaglo represents a large number of brands from Taiwan. With some brands the contact has existed for many years and the relationships have become friends as well as business. This is also the case with Tektro. A very nice company with very nice people, who all pursue only one passion and that is: to make the most beautiful brakes of the whole world. For Buzaglo it is only an honor to act as a distributor of such a beautiful brand in the Benelux.

In addition to an adult program of brake levers and brake sets available from stock, we advise factories in the field of brake systems for initial assembly and we have a large range of service parts for especially the hydraulic brakes in stock.

European Service Center Dahon Parts

January 2014

The cooperation with Dahon was started in 2003. The beginning for Buzaglo as a supplier of folding bikes in many shapes and sizes. They are now at Buzaglo Dahon, they feel Dahon and they think Dahon. From the start Buzaglo has taken on the service part and an archive of history has been created about frames and individual parts over the years. Dahon has asked Buzaglo to open up the know-how and the impressive stock that has now been created for the whole of Europe. Now we can finally say that our service is limitlessly good.

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