Dahon folding bikes 24" 

    The 24 "Dahon folding bike BRIZA is a low-entry model, a" cool "model and available with 8 gears, a good touring bike for longer trips, comfortable and with all the advantages of a folding bike, light and compact in folded condition. Competitive with the 24 "Dahon Ios D9, which is itself a revolutionary two-wheeler. The latter has a hydroformed frame, is extra thin-walled (making light in weight), and thanks to its 9 derailleur gears a supermodern mode of transport.

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    Dahon folding bike, model Ios D9, black
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    Dahon folding bike (9sp), model Hemmingway D9S, blue
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    Dahon folding bike (8sp), model Briza D8, black
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