About Buzaglo


    Our Story

    Since 1879, the supplier to the bicycle wholesaler in Europe. 

    A special company with a nice history and nice relationships 

    In 1879 Mr. Buzaglo started in Amsterdam in the skin trade and supplied leather, among other things, to the bag and shoe industry. In the 1950s, the second generation Buzaglo started to look for trade in the Far East and came home with, among other things, household items, flashlights, souvenirs, motorcycle clothing, car, moped- and bicycleparts. As agent of various brands, Mr. Buzaglo managed to sell his trade throughout Europe. Motorcycle clothing to Germany, special Japanese parts to Switzerland, stamps to England, tools to Finland and something closer to home: cup and saucers to Jaap Blokker and bicycle bells to Gazelle. 50 Years ago, on April 20, 1967, Mr. Buzaglo died during one of his business trips as a result of a plane crash in Cyprus. One of the biggest aircraft disasters of that time. The company has continued under his name. In the 1980s Buzaglo moved to Weesp and became stock and has became more specialized in bicycle parts and accessories. Folding bicycles were added at the beginning of 2000. After a growth period in Weesp and the takeover of a packaging company in Mijdrecht, a new building was erected in Almere, where all activities such as logistics, sales and purchasing, design, service and packaging activities are housed. Ready for a bright future. We keep all processes from design to packaging under control. Our team is ready every day to ensure that you can cycle safely, comfortably and affordably in Europe. We are pleased if you enjoy too.

    Packaging department: We become happy ourselves if it is nicely packaged

    Whether it is a nice bell or a heavy standard, we would like our products to leave the building on a beautiful way.  With our suppliers in the Far East and Europe, designers and packaging department at home, we work on our own product lines, but also on those of other suppliers. We take care of everything from a single product to complete presentations. If you want more information about this service, we stop the machines and are happy to help you.